Number 6
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No man could properly be approached as a self-made product, neither good nor bad.  Every man has to be understood as sprung from seed planted by God, his living soul.  Since souls are of the nature of God in their love, purity, creativity, and vital essence, they need not to be justified, and could not be;  their very existence commands respect, even whilst individual entities had to be avoided at times, or struggled with even unto physical death.  Nobody can rely upon a political or religious grouping to tell him who to take seriously in his encounters, as Jesus had made it clear in the parable of the Samaritan, where both distinctions were present.  On the contrary, every man had to learn, sooner or later, that he must answer life with a consummate affirmation.  I am my brothers keeper.  Who, then was, this brother?  Everyone, the one whom found before him, needing his aid, talents or encouragement, wherever someone stumbled or faltered in need of aid and kindness that could be given.


All that could be shunned or cast doubt upon, are direct challenges to every man.  These people must be given their rights, not only as individuals, but also as groups of people, for brethrens do not stop with personal kindness.  Brethren involves social responsibilities, the taking of stands and the carrying of duties, even to the penalty that Jesus paid, if the individual has his ideal in Christ.  Yet not martyrdom but creative service with the best of ones talents is the goal.


One could learn that a long face never glorified the God who spun the worlds and found them good, good.  In the daily walk of life, beginning could ever be made, and the right direction turned to a highway for the life, by being kind, considerate.  More would be accomplished from small wholeheartedly done than by great resolves honored more in speech than in act.  Again and again one would fine the opportunity to risk a response to another soul, as he would want God to risk on him.  For if ye were judged by God as ye judge others, where would ye be?


Yet the point of brotherhood is greater than self-serving.  It is no less than glorifying God in the earth, in the brother whose soul was as unspeakable, as precious to god as any soul created, be it’s shell black, white, red, yellow, grizzled, tattered, of different preference, or different religion.